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Why work with me?

01. I'm a partner.

I don't just sell you something, or try to get in and out quick to maximize my numbers. Whatever it is, we sit down together, and I show you the method to the madness. Why just fix your computer if I can show you how to do a quick scan yourself next time? I don't make a complex website that will be out of date soon so that I can force you into a monthly fee. I show you how to manage it yourself, and you just call me if you need anything. I am a person trying to provide for his family, so I respect that you are the same. No corporate fine print here - just a nerd that wants to help.

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02. I wont blow smoke up your a**. 

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In the same way I respect that you are an individual who is just as important to the world as I am - I am not here to waste your time. I do not represent any corporate interests and have no incentive to upsell you crap you don't need. Nor am I in the business of ordering cheap things from overseas just to make a quick buck. I only use products that I have used and tested personally. I want to share my knowledge and things with you because they'll help you - I promise.  

03. The way I learned is...unconventional.

I never read the manual. I just hit the button to see what would happen. So my experience list when it comes to technology and troubleshooting is vast. If you are seeing an error, chances are I've seen it a hundred times and I know exactly what to do to fix it. I vividly remember ruining the family PC, with dad on his way home from work. It had to be fixed, and FAST. If you operate a business and there are headaches in your life - chances are I have automated at least some of your processes in my past. 

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04. Multiple offerings. 


Ok so here is the scoop - I have been providing at home/mobile tech support since before I had a drivers license. For the last decade of my life I have helped manage and grow a photo lab in Lexington NC called Vivid Metal Prints. Over this time I have an incredible insight to the back end of printing and business growth/digital marketing. Color theory, photoshop editing, calibration, printing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media ad campaigns - all things in my rolodex of skills to share with you.

05. I really hate saying "no" or "I can't."

The truth is - even if something isn't in my wheelhouse I have a network of people and companies that I have worked with in the past that I would happily vouch for. Even though I am my own operation - there is no project too large or too small. If I need to help you source someone local to you then I will help you do that. No matter what needs to be done, no matter how custom or random - let's tackle it together. I'm a pretty approachable guy. 

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