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I had a giant wall of text here explaining the gist of basic internet marketing. I removed it in favor of something a little more "to the point."

Here it is in short: You are leaving money on the table if you are not taking advantage of the internet in your day to day business. 

"I run facebook ad's occasionally" is NOT taking advantage of the internet.


The literal answer: Finding the exact niche that is interested in your product/service that is also willing to pay, and then figuring out how to target them, then re-target them in order to get them to your website, while minimizing your acquisition costs per lead. 


This is usually a case of making a few accounts and tying them together. Once you figure out your recipe it relatively runs itself and then you just ask yourself what kind of allowance you want to give the marketing bot.


Shoot me a message below and let's discuss!

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