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Tech Support

I won't name and names - but I recently visited a client who had computer issues that had used a big box stores in house tech service - and I just want to share their experience:


"Well, they charge $150 to come out & to cover the first hour. Then $150 for each additional hour. He came in and taught us a few things. The following week, they sent a different guy who told us that what the first guy taught was wrong, and he taught us a completely different method. When he left, we were in 4 hours, $600, and were more confused than ever before."

This is common in the industry unfortunately. It seems that these days you tend to be pushed to simply replace the device instead of fixing it. Most slow computers just need a quick software clean, and in most cases a cheap $50 solid state hard drive would increase their computer's speed by 10x!

Once again - I am not here to upsell you on anything. I want to get you going in the cheapest, but most effective way that will last. I don't want to just patch the fix - lets clean it up and do it right! Using your computer should not be stressful. It should be a joyous occasion. It is your window to the world and your access card to infinitely more knowledge than you could ever consume!

Let me help you out. We will make it fun! Just contact me using the form below, and I will be in touch ASAP! If you need immediate assistance please text the number at the bottom of the page. Thanks! 

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